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The Passive Income Artiste

Welcome to my world. Are you looking to create and grow your own revenue stream of passive income? – I can help you!

Hello there and welcome to my web space. I’m K. Raj Singh, and my site has been created to help you earn money with a minimal amount of effort and maintenance required. If you’re one of the many who has a dream of pursuing your passions without having to worry about securing a competitive salary to support them, then you’re exactly the sort of person this website is aimed at.

My objective is to help those with an interest in investing learn how to make money through a method known as passive income. An ideal way of earning a living without falling victim to the ravages of the rat race, it could help you to achieve genuine financial freedom without having to relegate your dream career to the side lines.

So who am I to help you? A best-selling author, award-winning international speaker, and successful entrepreneur, I am an individual who has mastered the principles of not having to work for money, but making money work for me instead.

The Authorities

Powerful Wisdom From Leaders In The Field. Control Money Before Money Controls You

The first of these resources attempts to provide written advice and guidance to those seeking financial freedom. Co-authored by experts Dr John Gray, Marci Shimoff, and Raymond Aaron, it explores not only how to build successful passive income streams, but also the mind-set required to transform your financial fortunes.


Mr. Singh is a unique force of nature. He is magnetic, and charismatic in business, entertainment, and leadership. There are only a few people in the world that have used their business senses and skills, to free themselves to be able to do what they really love, which is to help others by sharing their granted gifts. One of these free people, who are helping others by sharing is Raj Singh.
Richie Etwaru, Chief Digital Officer, Blockchain Evangelist, Author, TED Speaker
Raj has been an exemplary figure in the Indo-Caribbean community within the Tri-State NY Area and has excelled in the field of music and drama. He is also a humanitarian and regularly volunteers in various social and religious causes. His deep passion for the arts and attention to detail has brought him a far way.
Ramesh Deochand, Organanizing Secretary/PRO for Nirvana Humanitarian Society