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How can I help you!

I aim to help interested entrepreneurs to create such a base to work from through the utilization of three primary and fundamental tools: my book, The Authorities: Control Money Before Money Controls You, my online membership site, and one-to-one coaching sessions.

The Authorities

Powerful Wisdom From Leaders In The Field. Control Money Before Money Controls You

The first of these resources attempts to provide written advice and guidance to those seeking financial freedom. Co-authored by experts Dr John Gray, Marci Shimoff, and Raymond Aaron, it explores not only how to build successful passive income streams, but also the mind-set required to transform your financial fortunes.

Financial Freedom Mastery Program™: 4M System™

  • The videos that you’ll use are split into a number of modules, each of them intended to help you gain invaluable entrepreneurial skills to craft a lifestyle with true financial freedom
  • Access to me and my systems so that you can simply copy and paste to get results
  • Exclusive: 3 x coaching sessions with me worth $1,500

Work With Raj

If this were not enough, I provide one-on-one coaching sessions with anyone who seeks them. These customised packages entail an intensive eight-week program, in which I will not only share my financial secrets with you but also hold your hand through the process in order to help you get off to the very best start.


Mr. Singh is a gem! The man is a classic success story. He is a man of high integrity, brilliant business ideas, and he is all about helping people succeed. I highly recommend him as an entrepreneur and a thought leader — he is the kind of man that you can do business with, and benefit tremendously.

Adam Markel

While reading Raj’s piece in “The Authorities” I felt like I was reading a cross between equal parts Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. I was reminded of how big of a role the “Law of Attraction” plays in our lives. From sharing how he turned his vehicle into a “University on Wheels” to how he built multiple revenue streams, Raj is one of the rare people who are actually living out what they teach. Raj is the real deal.

Ken Courtright

Mr. Singh is a unique force of nature. He is magnetic, and charismatic in business, entertainment, and leadership. There are only a few people in the world that have used their business senses and skills, to free themselves to be able to do what they really love, which is to help others by sharing their granted gifts. One of these free people, who are helping others by sharing is Raj Singh.

Richie Etwaru

Raj has been an exemplary figure in the Indo-Caribbean community within the Tri-State NY Area and has excelled in the field of music and drama. He is also a humanitarian and regularly volunteers in various social and religious causes. His deep passion for the arts and attention to detail has brought him a far

Ramesh Deochand